The technology of cars continues to advance, making driving safer and more enjoyable. However, the car key remains a relatively fragile component that is prone to damage. While newer vehicles may not require a physical key, many older models still do, and all keys are essential for opening doors and starting the engine. Manufacturers of high-end vehicles invest heavily in fob key security to prevent theft, as these keys can contain a wealth of information about the vehicle.

Unfortunately, keys can still be damaged in a variety of ways, which is why car key repair and replacement services are crucial. LCL GROUP is a trusted provider of such services, offering repairs for broken or damaged keys, as well as emergency auto locksmith services. Their well-trained professionals use the latest software and equipment to provide cost-effective repairs or replacements, whether it’s just the metal blade or the entire fob key. They are available seven days a week to service a wide range of vehicles, including Land Rovers, Fords, Renaults, and Vauxhalls.

London car locksmith

In the event that your car key does not work even if it appears to be intact, it may be due to internal electronic issues such as sensor or remote control malfunctioning. Repairing a faulty car key requires a thorough investigation of its internal electronics, followed by repair or replacement of any failed components. At LCL GROUP, our team of fully-trained technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of common and uncommon car key faults, both in our workshops and on the road.

Our services save you time and money compared to dealership prices, and we provide a mobile technician service that can reach you within 60 minutes of your call. In addition to repairing car keys, we offer emergency auto locksmith services, spare car key, car key replacement, car key programming, and vehicle security and safety services. We also have an online car key repair service available on our website. Despite the modern complexities of car keys, they remain crucial for vehicle operation and security.