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Improved Vehicle Security Reduces Insurance Claims

Vehicle theft is on the rise, resulting in significant insurance payouts. In 2021 alone, the DVLA reported 48,492 cars stolen in the UK, a figure higher than the previous year. This translates to 133 car thefts every day or 933 a week, putting a lot of pressure on insurance companies to meet numerous claims.

How LCL GPOUP Can Help:
LCL GPOUP offers reliable aftermarket security devices that provide extra protection to complement the vehicle’s factory-installed security. As a Thatcham Research-approved installer, we offer the Ghost II immobilizer, which effectively prevents unauthorized driving of any vehicle. We also provide replacement car keys and restore vehicle security by disabling the connection between the vehicle and lost or stolen keys. Our mobile auto locksmith service ensures that we can be there within an hour anywhere in London and the Home Counties, without the need to tow the vehicle.

London car locksmith

Benefits of Installing Aftermarket Security Devices:
Aftermarket security devices are installed after the vehicle has left the factory and can add to the security provided by the manufacturer. Third-party companies create and sell security devices that can be passed or not passed by Thatcham Research in any of their eight categories. However, all the devices we install are Thatcham-approved.

About the Ghost II Immobilizer:
The Ghost II immobilizer is a small device that connects to the vehicle’s circuitry and behaves like all the other control units connected to that circuit. It can be connected anywhere within the vehicle, making it challenging for car thieves to locate. It doesn’t emit radio signals, making it immune to relay attacks. It prevents ignition until disarmed with a user-defined sequence of controls being operated, like keying in a PIN. However, instead of numbers, those controls could be anything. It comes with its own self-powered high volume klaxon set to go off when the vehicle is interfered with and can send a text message warning the owner that the vehicle is receiving unwelcome attention.

LCL Group – London car locksmith