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If you’re in need of a reliable vehicle tracking system, Autowatch Track and Trace ATT1 and ATT1b are excellent options. Both of these systems are Thatcham entry-level certified, which ensures your vehicle insurer is satisfied.

If a thief disconnects your vehicle’s main battery, you’ll receive an instant alert. Additionally, your tracking system will continue to function with the internal backup battery. The state-of-the-art Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre provides 24/7 monitoring, theft assistance, and recovery services.

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ATT1 and ATT1b are suitable for tracking cars, motorhomes, HGVs, plant or farm equipment, and 12V or 24V vehicles.


For those who require a premium vehicle tracking system, Autowatch Track and Trace S5 and S5+ devices are ideal. These devices are Thatcham certified with the highest level of certification for insurance-approved vehicle tracking.

These systems offer advanced vehicle security features such as driver identification through the D-iD app, complete website tracking, and instant alerts if your vehicle is towed or moved without driver identification, or if the main battery is disconnected or low. The internal backup battery ensures that your tracking system will always be operational.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, theft assistance, and recovery by the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre, S5 and S5+ devices offer vehicle immobilization that can be activated upon police request. For fleets, S5 and S5+ devices provide a secure full fleet online account with multiple logins and varying access levels.

S5 and S5+ devices are suitable for 12V or 24V vehicles, including cars, motorhomes, HGVs, plant or farm equipment.


If you’re looking for a reliable smart tracker for your car or truck, the Starline M66 is a great option. It features Bluetooth driver identification, intelligent GPS tracking at Starline’s free monitoring website, and smart 3D sensors that detect shocks and car jacking-up and evaluate driving style safety.

In the event that your car or truck is stolen or hijacked, the Starline M66 will stop the vehicle with safe engine blocking in motion if driver identification isn’t detected. The system operates steadily at temperatures from −40°C to +85°C, and its low energy consumption allows it to save enough car battery charge to work for up to 60 days in arm mode.

What are the features of a vehicle tracker?

Vehicle trackers have a range of features including geofencing, motion/speed monitoring, and real-time tracking. Geofencing and motion/speed monitoring can alert owners when specific events occur, while real-time tracking can identify the exact location of a vehicle.

How can I track my vehicle?

You can have a vehicle tracker installed. There are various types of vehicle tracking systems (VTS) available on the market. While some modern vehicles have VTS installed as standard, an aftermarket vehicle tracker can be installed on any vehicle.

Can a car tracker signal be blocked?

GPS or GSM blockers can block the signal on most devices. However, there is another communication protocol on vehicle trackers called VHF that cannot be jammed. The VHF, a high-frequency signal, is used in conjunction with a GPS signal communication protocol.

Why do you need a vehicle tracking system for your business?

To run your business more efficiently. A car tracker allows you to monitor where your vehicles are at all times. This way, you can track customer deliveries, mileage used, and the location of your drivers.

Are there any problems with the GPS tracking system?

While overall GPS tracking systems are reliable, like anything, GPS tracking is also susceptible to functionality errors. The GPS tracker relies on its satellite network for correct position identification, which can have a lack of coverage or communications.

How do you troubleshoot when vehicle GPS locators are offline?

Confirm that the tracker is still powered up and the SIM card is installed. Make sure the subscription is still active. Dial the number on the SIM card and check the tone. Perform a battery reset.

Why does my car tracking device stop working at high speed?

Some car tracking devices may not be exact and show the correct vehicle speed. Often, this is down to the quality of the hardware unit, but it can also happen due to incorrect installation.

How can vehicle tracking help you monitor vehicle speed?

Vehicle tracking systems calculate vehicle speed through GPS. Setting speed alerts will help to analyse driver performance and vehicle activity, allowing you to operate more efficiently.

Why does my GPS lag when I drive?

Some car tracking devices may not be exact and show the correct vehicle speed. Usually, this is down to the quality of the hardware unit, but it can also happen due to incorrect installation.

Do the pros of a car tracker outweigh the cons?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a tracker, you must find the right one for you. Overall, many users agree that installing a tracker on your vehicle drastically outweighs the negatives. Make sure you research to decide whether you want a passive or active system; some even use both types of tracking.

What happens if my tracker battery fails?

Vehicle trackers are connected to the vehicle’s main battery. They have an internal backup battery that usually lasts a minimum of two hours when they lose an external supply. In most cases, the car tracker’s internal battery is not replaceable separately.

Why is my tracker system immobilizing my car?

A car tracker with immobilization can prevent the engine from starting remotely. If the car is immobilized, it could be that an immobilizer request has been processed.

What does a car tracker do?

A car tracker, also known as a GPS Tracker or vehicle tracking system (VTS), is essential in recovering stolen vehicles. The GPS tracking transmits its location, motion status, and other vehicle data.