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Van Alarm Systems for Secure Parking

Are you worried about the safety of your van and its contents? According to the RAC, on average 30 vans are stolen every day, and it’s not just the vehicle that is at risk but also the tools and equipment inside. Research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles estimates that tool theft from vans results in £550 per day of downtime. Shockingly, 57% of van drivers still leave their tools and equipment in their vehicles overnight.

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To keep your van and its contents secure, investing in an aftermarket alarm system is highly recommended. Insurance companies throughout the UK recommend the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System, which has received the highest rating from Thatcham, the vehicle security rating organisation. It can be installed anywhere within your vehicle, making it difficult for thieves to locate and disable. It uses up to six sensors to detect any kind of interference and emits warning signals at the first detection of interference. In addition, it is easily programmed and sends instant text alerts to notify you of any attempted interference.

At Car Keys Solutions, we have installed hundreds of Autowatch 695 systems in all makes and models of commercial and private vehicles. By installing this system, you can not only enjoy peace of mind but also reduced insurance premiums.

Don’t risk losing your van or its contents to theft. Contact us today to schedule your Autowatch 695 installation and keep your van secure.